Project SilverStone TJ07 Case

Picture from 2008 sometime after I finished building it before I changed mother boards and video cards. This was before I was interested in overclocking and the look of the case.

Recent pics of my pc before taking it apart.

Current Specs:
-MB:Asus M3A79-T Deluxe
-CPU:Phenom II 955 BE
-CPU Cooler:Venomous-X Black with 2 Delta EFB1212VH
-RAM:4gig Corsair Dominator XMS2-8500
-Graphic Card:XFX HD4890
-PSU:Silverstone Strider 1200w
-Hard Drive:Raid0(2 Raptor 74gig), 500gig Seagate

**Last Updated 10/30/2010**

1.)New Heatsink and Fans Arrived

2.)Starting Wire Management-Waiting For Sleeving

3.)New CPU and Sleeving Arrived

4.)Most Sleeving Done-Figuring Out Paint Color

New Heatsink and Fans Arrived

Friday, September 10, 2010

I started to work on it. My Venomous-X Black and 2 Delta EFB1212VH fans arrived.
**About the mounting** The center point screw pressure is only with the Intel mount and not the Amd. The amd has a X shape bracket that presses down on the base holding it against the cpu so it is solid and doesn't move at all.

Here is the Intel Bracket and stuff. I noticed a lot of people didn't understand it somewhat on the forums I am read.

Turned my coffee table into a work station :P.

While my case is apart I still wanted to use it for gaming so I set it up on the side of my desk lol.
Next step I will cut hole in the motherbaord tray for wire management Monday after work and order sleeving materials.

Starting Wire Management-Waiting For Sleeving

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I have been busy with work and working on some cars after work so been really tired and haven't finished much since last updated. I started to work on it the wire management. I cut 2 holes in my mother board tray last week and started making some wires shorter. I am waiting on the sleeving for the wires and some C channeling for the holes I cut in the motherbaord tray. I am thinking about a color to paint the inside of my case with but haven't decided yet.

New CPU and Sleeving Arrived

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Been a busy last few weeks between work and shingling half my roof due to a leak. I received ny Phenom II 955 a couple weeks ago. I installed it and overclocked it to 4.0 100% stable with ease. The temps are only high in my pic due to high room temps while I wasn't home I don't run my a/c so came home to my living room around 80F+(26c). Currently running around 48c-50c loads temp at 4.1. I am current pushing it more with the goal on trying to hit 4.2 stable on air with higher northbridge. I finally got around to ordering sleeving from FurryLetters and received it. Going to start work on that on my spare time.

Most Sleeving Done-Figuring Out Paint Color

Saturday, September 30, 2010

I have most of the sleeving and cut some more holes in my motherboard tray for wires to be routed thru. I still need to make/buy a junction point for my case fans instead of using alot of molex connector taking up space. I want to make something to cover the sides and back of the 5 1/2 drive bay cage. I need to also add some intake fans in the 5 1/2 drive cage to pull in cool air straight into the top portion of the case.